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RFID E-Seal 电子铅封 电子封条 電子封條


The other name is E-Seal(electronic seal) or RFID seal(Radio Frequency Identification).  The E-seal has many types that has active, passive and semi-active. The passive E-seal is without battery.

It can substitute for tradition seals that often applies on gas, oil, truck and container. It can prevent the goods to steal by thief when customer build the security system. It also can provide automatic identification and help you to manage  the trucks or containers. 

Many Customs will use it to implement certification system of authorized economic operator (AEO) and use E-seal to enhance the efficiency of Customs clearance. 

The E-seal is the mechanical bolt seal with RFID technology. It must submit the ISO 17712:2010 standard and other anti-tampering function. 

The passive E-seal works without battery and its reading range about 10 meter. The active E-seal works with battery and it has the long reading range. The passive E-seal need to have following function:

1. E-seal can't read any RFID DATA before use.

2. E-seal can read RFID DATA when closed.

3. E-seal can't read any RFID DATA after cutting.

If E-seal don't have these function that is just the RFID tag.

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